Flying Cars, A New Reality?

All over the world, people find exciting ways to escape reality and experience the world in a way we can only imagine. Everyone at one point has imagined or dreamt of the excitement and thrill of flying through the air. Whether it be a child imagining to fly on a magic carpet alongside Aladin and Jasmin or a businessman yearning to escape unexpected distressing traffic as he sits at a standstill, minutes away from the office, with a prospective ‘black widow’ client waiting impatiently – we all have had the desire for flight and have thought… “What if… I could fly.”

Finally, our dreams of personal flight don’t seem to be an unreachable goal any longer. This year at CES I stumbled upon a personal transportation device that truly was jaw-dropping. The ‘Drone Copter’ developed by Ehang showcased a new ability to fly in your own personal drone aircraft. As if I were 16 years old again with the keys to a brand new car, I began to feel butterflies in my stomach. To think that within the next decade, we may finally have the ability to choose between 2 and 3-dimensional everyday transportation!

With a price tag of $300,000 and countless FAA regulations and safety issues that will come, our dream has not been completely fulfilled. Ehang has taken the first step in laying the groundwork for an incredible future.

Let’s talk about it! How do you see this product working out in our future?¬†