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What is Hub?

Hub is a revolutionary idea from the co-founder and former CTO of LinkedIn, Eric Ly. Hub decentralizes and gives you control over your coveted online reputation.

Why this Affects You

Let’s define reputation data. This can be currently interpreted in common social platforms by number of likes or followers, number of friends, recommendations, reviews, quality of content, frequency of posting, engagement with a community, a 5-star rating system, etc.

Reputation data can:

  • Earn new business for you
  • Make your business thrive
  • Determine if you get hired for a job
  • Help you Network with the right people
  • Help you make new friends
  • Help you integrate into an online community

You may not have even thought about it yet, but your reputation data is stuck. You do not own it. If the social website you have your data on decided that you had to pay for it monthly you would have to comply or rebuild elsewhere from scratch. What if that platform just closed shop one day and your profile disappeared from the internet? Bad for business right? Social media platforms and online marketplaces should not have so much control over your reputation. Decentralizing your reputation data gifts you with sole control. Hub does not own it. You do.

What Does this have to do with Crypto Currency?

Cryptocurrency offers an ability to transfer value worldwide without contest. Utilizing this technology Hub is creating a unique currency called the Hub Token. The Hub token holds value in giving the bearer an opportunity to earn trust for their profile through the completion of tasks inside the Hub Trust Network. The network will be comprised of quality individuals and companies that will be able to depend on each other for trustworthy interactions. Simplifying the ability to trust and making trust a quantifiable and portable metric, speeds up efficiency and boosts economic opportunity across the globe.

Can I Buy Trust?

You can not buy trust. You can buy hub tokens to help you earn trust. Ultimately, trust only comes from successful interactions on the Trust Network that are completed utilizing the tokens. Only those interactions will earn trust between people.

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