Look at my family and stalk them too!

Who wants their home address, family members addresses and potential business associates shared with the general public? Before you answer remember we’re talking everyone including, business competition, con-artists, sexual predators, serial killers or maybe just someone with a grudge. Now all this information can be accessed easily through a simple free search on familytreenow.com.

Feeling a bit insecure? Maybe you should opt out of this service through this handy link: Opt-Out Here. You can take further measures by hiring an expert team in TSCM and Privacy Security like Michael Guadagno & Associates to ensure you’re well protected.

Of course, the site has a positive side. It is designed to help you contact family and friends that you may have lost touch with and build your family tree. While it was very useful in helping me find out where to mail all my Christmas & Birthday cards without even calling anyone, I wasn’t able to justify keeping my profile on the site.