Battle Gauntlet was a decentralized Trading Card Game that never made it through development. A lot of thought and effort was expended on the card designs to make them more functional and attractive.

NFT Cards Explained

Each card is a Non-fungible Token (NFT), which means it has a specific hash correlated with that specific card. This makes every card unique, valuable, traceable, and tradeable.


Coinciding with the NFT Cards, Battle Gauntlet has created a marketplace for gamers to buy and sell their cards; enabling an internal economy that would have been able to fund company expenses through starter/booster pack sales and small market fees per transaction.


  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing Advisement
  • Research & Analysis of Blockchain Choice
    • Market Analysis
    • Technical Analysis of Chains
  • Preparation for Presale
  • Website Development & Design
  • Logo Creation
  • Conceptualized the Overall Card Design
  • Created 28 alpha character cards
  • Developed Custom Rarity Symbols


Character extends beyond the standard card borders.
Attack-related attributes clustered together to help speed up deck creation.
Slots available for character customization and a source for monetary scalability. (i.e. equipping special weapons or skins to the character earning extra abilities or power)

Card Design

Breaking Restraints

Utilizing space beyond card constraints, I could give better visibility to the character and yield a more attractive final product. The design boasts the splinter color as the base with a natural texture to compliment the color.

Positioning the Attributes for Faster Decisions

The positioning of the card attributes was carefully thought out for gameplay. The intention is to help players make decisions faster when creating their deck. Health being one attribute on the left, then attack, speed and range being grouped together in a small cluster on the right with a respective visual hierarchy to their importance in gameplay.

Before & After

Swipe the slider to see before and after versions of the card design.

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