Realty Drone Videography

Drone Videography & The Big Picture

Drone Videography captivates viewers with cinematic views from above. Ultimately it can not stand alone but is a part of a larger video production. Coupling aerial footage with shots of the home’s key features is essential for a great production. A compelling story, including the important history of the property or town, along with voiceovers and backtracking give substance and a personal feel to the overall video production.

How is a Drone Useful in Real Estate?

Drone Realty footage gives a competitive advantage, but only when used properly. A prospective buyer does not want to see a 360-degree pan from above the house for 5 minutes. Boredom doesn’t sell. Provoking desire in the prospective buyer and stimulating an emotional response for the property will help close a sale. Telling the story of the property

Capturing the impressive landscape of a property includes showcasing vast acreage, highlighting walkways, impressive outbuildings, winding driveways, gorgeous gardens, beautiful pools and outdoor entertaining facilities. Drone videography is useful in highlighting neighborhood amenities as well including parks, lakes, schools and shopping centers.