Stop Featured Image Cropping in WordPress

WordPress is a wonderful platform, but sometimes it does strange things… like by cropping photos unexpectedly. Here are some instructions on how to fix automatic cropping of images in WordPress including featured image cropping.

Ultimately this is an issue with code in your FUNCTIONS.PHP file:
To fix this:

  1. Login to your Theme @
  2. Hover over the Appearance Tab on the Left Column and choose Editor
  3. In the Right Column click on your Functions.php File
  4. Hold down control or command on your keyboard and press ‘f‘ to open up the search command
  5. Type add_image and click Enter – the following code should appear:
  6. add_image_size( 'variable-image-descriptor-xyz', 123, 123, true );
    Note: ‘variable-image-descriptor-xyz’, ‘123’ & ‘123’ will all have different values in your code.

  7. Find the image type you want to modify and change true to false to make your code look similar to this:
  8. add_image_size( 'variable-image-descriptor-xyz', 123, 123, false );

  9. Click Update in the right column.

Depending on your theme, you may need to also change other code as well. If the above does not work try finding the following code set_post_thumbnail_size( 123, 123, true ); and changing this to set_post_thumbnail_size( 123, 123, false );